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For the past 136 years the Fishermen’s Mission has provided vital services to active and retired fishermen around the whole of the UK.  We don’t receive any government funding or lottery support so all the help you can offer is much appreciated.

On this site you will be able to buy our merchandise, including Christmas cards and Calendars, as well as books, such as Sea, Salt and Solitude and other products like our wonderful bespoke mugs and drinking cups.

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Providing a lifeline of welfare and support to fishermen and their families

Sea, Salt and Solitude

Sea, Salt and Solitude has been produced to raise funds for The Fishermen’s Mission, a charity providing welfare support to fishermen and their families. Fishing is the most dangerous peacetime industry: 100 lives have been lost at sea in the last 10 years.

Chris Hewitt’s 170 black and white portraits are of fishermen, the families of those lost at sea, lifeboat men, harbour officials, car park attendants, mongers and merchants, boat builders, chefs indeed all those involved with keeping the fishing communities in good condition. All the photographs are on location in familiar and unusual places and many backdrops include atmospheric Cornish rain and sunshine.

Deborah Richards’ narratives are written from short, five to ten minute conversations with the people in the photographs. These voices record all sorts: sad stories of lost family members and various ways of coping, personal witness of the Fishermen’s Mission helping families in distress and dire need with dignity and affection. Overall describing a traditional way of life that is under threat from many different directions.

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