Adam Green – Language of the Sea – Ending 18th May

Adam Green – Language of the Sea – Ending 18th May

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My research focuses on the narrative and storytelling through art and how I can bring a fictional world into reality by creating real artworks that have their roots in a fictional landscape. I recently saw on Instagram a poster for sale on a ‘Back to the Future’ page. It wasn’t a poster of the movie; it was a poster of the ‘Enchantment under the sea’ dance that featured in this movie. I thought this was really interesting as it feels the movie (made over 30 years ago) is generating its own mythology to the point of it being an actual reality. I have a poster on my wall of an Eduard Munch show that happened in Munich in 1977. That actually happened but the BTTF poster now has the same intent because someone made it a real thing. I think there are a lot of ideas here but I’ve only just begun to consider it.

The way I want to create my works will be through various mediums – painting, drawing, film, sculpture and installation. My paintings have always been traditionally wall based but I have recently been expanding out from the 2D surface. Emma Talbots work is a revelation to me and I am also being very drawn to Anthony Caro’s sculptures from the 1960s. I have always had a fascination with these works. The various planes, angles and spaces and negative spaces make them incredibly interesting objects.

I’ve recently started to introduce wool into my paintings and I think this is a way to represent 3 dimensionally a painterly 2d mark I often make. This is very new and in the early stages of development but again it is an attempt to break away from the flat plane.

I already have my core narrative (story) and I would like to possibly focus on certain aspects of it to develop ideas and works of art.

Another piece of work that I was very inspired by recently was by Marguerite Humeau at Tate Britain. I didn’t fully understand all the meanings but it was a room with sculptures, liquids flowing through tubes all around the gallery and voices of an ancient Egyptian princess. I found it a very visceral experience.

My ultimate aim I think on this course is to find the voice I need to write/paint/perform my story. To have an all-encompassing body of artworks that cross all boundaries and genres.

Very much like Cocteau’s Parade from 1917. Picasso created the costumes and the sets. Satie wrote the music and Dagliev the ballet.  This cross pollination of ideas really interests me.

I could potentially take one thread from my story, that of ‘Shunt Limit’, a progressive rock group that performs in a club in the story. I have already begun designing a logo for the band and from this logo I will put it onto a school pencil case, a reference to sitting in a classroom doodling while the teacher talks. I will then exhibit the pencil case. From these ideas I have also begun to look at Jamie Shovlin and the fictitious band Lustfaust. Unlike Shovlin, I’m not interested in deceiving the audience. (I don’t think)… It would be much harder for me to do as the band exists 130 years in the future! But I like the network of things that he seems to have surrounded Lustfaust with including websites to give genuine authenticity. In relation to this I remember visiting a studio on my degree of an artist called Rod Dickenson. He claimed to be responsible for all the crop circles that occurred in Wiltshire around that time. Also he would send in fake UFO photos to UFO magazines who would then publish them and once published they became genuine UFO photos and not in his control.


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